Tuesday, August 2, 2011


Aka, rice cakes...

Mochi is made from mochiko (glutinous rice flour).  I am a mere beginner at working with mochiko, being that I've never had rice cakes until this past year.  The manfriend really likes them, so when we ran across the box of rice flour at the grocery store, he did not protest when I casually slipped it into the cart.

The process for making mochi is very simple, basically mixing water (or a different liquid of your choice, like green tea or orange juice) with rice flour and some sugar and microwaving it until it's elastic and somewhat transparent.

I've tried many different fillings for my mochi in the few days we've had rice flour...peanut butter, chocolate, strawberries, coconut, pecans, mint chocolate...to name a few.  So far the favorite creation has been Raspberry Mint Green Tea Mochi.  The green tea is mixed into the rice flour, and the mochi has been wrapped around raspberries and mint from the garden.

Forgive the not-so-pretty picture, I'm still practicing how to form the mochi into beautiful balls.  Thankfully, presentation doesn't affect the taste.

Next up...savory mochi... we'll see how that goes...

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